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At Havana Outdoors in Havana IL,  our mission is to provide the professional, technical and personable service that you deserve.

We carry a full line of archery accessories and bows along with a full service pro shop including quality staff to service your needs.

We also have a progression of archery courses  to help you learn archery basics and how to shoot a bow.

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Archery Equipment


From sights, rests and silencers to finger tabs and releases we've got you covered.  We have a wide selection of accessories that are sure to enhance your archery experience.


Whether you are looking for arrows to hunt with or for competition we've got you covered.  We also carry a variety of fletching and nocks so you can make your arrow match your style!
At Havana Outdoors our line of bows are headlined by the top manufacturers in the industry.  Whether you are looking for a compound, recurve, crossbow or even a fishing bow we are sure to have the bow to fit your needs.