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At Havana Outdoors in Havana IL,  our mission is to provide the professional, technical and personable service that you deserve.

We carry a full line of archery accessories and bows along with a full service pro shop including quality staff to service your needs.

We also have a progression of archery courses  to help you learn archery basics and how to shoot a bow.

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Tuning Services

Bow Setup - Free with bow purchase

Congratulations on your new bow purchase!  Now we want to make sure your bow is shooting smoothly and fits you perfectly.  We will start by installing the site rest and other bow accessories.  Next we will set the draw length and draw weight to fit you.  The final step is to perform a basic bow tune to make sure the bow is performing at it's best!

Basic Bow Tune -  $30

The basic bow tune includes a general safety check to make sure the bow is safe for you to shoot.  We will then tune the rest and tiller, adjust draw weight, wax the  string and check the nock positioning.

Complete Bow Tune - $50

The complete bow tune includes all services in the basic bow tune as well as totally disassembling the bow, lubing the axles and limb pockets and making sure that the cams are timed correctly.

Super Bow Tune - $60

The super bow tune includes all services in the complete bow tune as well as paper tuning and chronographing the bow.

Bow Services

Hourly Rate - $60
Standard String Installation - $15
Peep Sight Installation - $10
Sight Installation - $10
Adjust Draw Weight - $5
Adjust Draw Length - $10
Quiver Installation - $5
Set Timing - $15
Cable Guard Adjustment - $5
Replace Cables - $12

String Services

Nock set installation - $5
D-loop installation - $8
Silencer tie-in - $10
Kisser button installation - $5
Reserve center serving - $20
Reserve loop end - $20
Wax string - $5

Arrow Services

Cut arrow to length - $1 per arrow
Refletch arrow - $3 per arrow